A comparison of the common beliefs in american culture and iranian culture

The artistic traditions of Iran, from ancient Persia to the modern-day, are utterly exquisite in their intricacy and in their global appeal.

Colombian schoolchildren learn there are five continents, not seven. Instead of Pizza Hut, Pizza Hat. Modernism reflects Enlightenment values, the belief in achieving truth and happiness through reason, and a faith in progress.

Many young Westerners today, who never knew this version of Iran are particularly surprised to see images of Iran from before the revolution that conflict with their expectations of the country. In Iran every one has to get married and it is considered a sin if has a child out of wedlock.

Iran-US tensions: 5 ways Americans and Iranians are actually similar

Inrepresentatives from Hollywood traveled to Iran, where they spoke with Iranian actors, filmmakers, and screenwriters and exchanged ideas about cinema and culture.

The Persian civilization first emerged around B. Iranian state television channels have been known to broadcast Western films and television shows from illegal pirating sites ; copyright laws protect Iranian work, but nothing else.

It is not too fanciful to say that Satrapi, reading from right to left in her native Farsi, and from left to right in French, the language of her education, in which she wrote Persepolis, has found the precise medium to explore her double cultural heritage.

But in America, it seems as if families are not as close knit. Science is inherently optimistic ; its future has no horizon. In Iran, science is valued in theory, and doctors and engineers abound, but, like much of the less developed world, scientific work is little practiced.

Partly as a result of these continued connections, Iranians enjoy Western products and brands. A consequence of these varying practices is that Americans have a positivistic mindset: Iranians have a poetic sensibility: Like all countries, there are many different viewpoints, but the vast majority of people will associate you with a culture they admire and respect.

This Reddit discussion about the pre Iranian advertisement pictured here, and about Iranian culture in general, recently rose to the top of Reddit, reflecting the popularity of the topic and highlighting this lack of awareness.

With the hashtag LoveBeyondFlagsIranians proclaimed their support for American allies on social media. One of the greatest graphic novels of this millennium, Persepolis, published over a decade ago, inwas written by an Iranian woman. Iranian culture values politeness above all: In part, this difference may have to do with how Western culture has evolved.

Chinese potty training takes place in the streets.

8 Cultural Differences Between America And Other Countries

Iranians appreciate the complexities of truth, and sometimes they may overdo it. Americans at times may oversimplify, with notions like honesty being the best policy, thinking they are being truthful and forthright when they may not fully apprehend the truth. In these photographs, the subjects embody a combination of global modernity and Iranian tradition.

The average Iranian can cite by heart many verses from a number of medieval Iranian poets, like Saadi and Ferdowsi and Rumi and Hafiz.

Roundabouts take the place of stoplights in the United Kingdom. In fact between 0. This was noted in every travel account that I read, and I can confirm the fact.What are the similarities between Indian and Iranian culture?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 3 Answers. Jibran Meer. descended from the common Proto–Indo-Iranian language. The origin and earliest relationship between the Nuristani languages and that of the Iranian and Indo-Aryan groups is complex. What are the similarities between.

Cultural Approaches to Pediatric Palliative Care in Central Massachusetts: Iranian This subject guide is a collaborative project with the Children's Medical Center Pediatric Palliative Care Team, the Lamar Soutter Library, and Interpreter Services.

Iranian-American Culture 65 East Asian Cultures 3. Chinese-American 1. This Dictionary is a guide that is meant to describe beliefs and practices generally found within a particular cultural or religious group.

As often as possible, we have verified the and Dictionary of Patients' Spiritual & Cultural Values for Health Care Professionals.

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American-Iranian? •Culture is complex, we must be careful not to national, institutional, societal, etc.) which shapes our cultural make-up/ baggage. mi-centre.com 4. Common Facts on the Iranian Culture and People • Hospitable and friendly (importance of face and honour) A Study on Iranian Values.

Sep 14,  · 8 Cultural Differences Between America And Other Countries. so they probably just decided to apply the habit to American sandwiches as well. 3. Culture & Arts Media Celebrity TV & Film.

In the end, Farhadi’s remarks reflect the Iranian people’s profound appreciation of their historical origins and contemporary culture.

And, today, the country’s appetite for creative goods is outpacing the state’s ability to limit its citizens’ cultural exposure.

A comparison of the common beliefs in american culture and iranian culture
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