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It can be both a part of a bigger project and a stand-alone assignment. Bibliography lists 15 sources. You may safely observe the following rules when creating an annotated bibliography: Only Qualified Specialists If you want to learn more of how to write a perfect work, the list of contents may be more than useful.

Results indicated that students who practiced simulation scored significantly better in the categories of safety and basic assessment than did the control group who did not practice on the HPS prior to the final evaluation simulations.

Annotated Bibliography 1 1. Number of abstract words is listed at the bottom of the pages. The annotation abstract consists of 3 parts: Thirteen research articles were referenced in this article.

A secondary goal of the study was barriers to providing effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. This will help you greatly in avoiding common mistakes. Eliminating Medication Errors In Pediatrics A 15 page Annotated bibliography nursing topics that discusses medication errors in the pediatric intensive care unit.

There were no significant differences in the areas of: Write a standard APA reference entry at the top of the page. The main theme of articles in this annotated bibliography is the impact that falls may have with particular attention paid to patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

Measuring clinical practice parameters with human patient simulation: You should make sure that you analyze the source, not only summarize it. Annotated Bibliography - The Impacts of Falls on The Elderly Population Living in the Community with Special Attention on Those Suffering from Chronic Conditions This 8 page paper is an annotated bibliography, reviewing 15 different articles which may be used to help in a larger project dealing with falls in the elderly population.

The writer explores aspects of this issue and consider the fact that nurses with an associates degree make up nearly 60 per cent of the nursing work force.

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Errors in pediatrics is also discussed. The study was created in order to help educators find areas in which the registered nurses lacked knowledge about pressure ulcers and wound care.

The authors presented a description of the study methods, including an example of their clinical simulation evaluation tool CSET. Because the citations are at the top of each annotation page, no reference page is necessary.

The different strategies and interventions made to prevent these mistakes are discussed. Conduct a literature search to select THREE research articles that discuss current evidence about the topic identified.

All of the sources discuss the use of physical or chemical restraints in nursing homes, with emphasis on physical restraints. Voice Over Medical Exam Dictation Technology This 4 page research paper page count includes an annotated bibliography concerns voice recognition software systems and research that indicates the advantages and disadvantages associated with these systems.

Statistical data were presented along with discussion of study limitations and the need for further study of the effects simulation practice has on clinical nursing performance.

Provided a good example and model for further research regarding the effects of simulator practice on clinical performance.

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Data on validity and reliability of the tool used would have been a valuable addition to this article. Remember that your annotation should be short and straight to the point: The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Correct, standard APA reference entry at the top of the page? This 4 page paper, with a two page annotated bibliography, considers how this impacts on the nurses.

If you are using a proper example, it can help you to avoid many mistakes and difficulties, and give a chance to provide a high-quality paper. Union representation is not nearly as prevalent in nursing as it is in other fields, in fact, a relatively small percentage of nurses belong to a union.

This essay provides a general overview of unions representing nurses, actions taken by the ANA to strengthen their bargaining power, the increased numbers of nurses joining unions and why, and the issue of nurses being categorized as supervisors.

Word count is to be typed at the bottom of each page of the assignment. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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MLA annotated bibliography, as well as Chicago Manual Style Annotation, should provide bibliographic citation in such an order: This poor response from the nursing staff, was the limiting factor of the study.An annotated bibliography is made up of 3 things: 1.

A list of citations of books, journal articles or other resources Underneath your citation or reference you follow this with an evaluative description – otherwise known as the annotation.

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University Annotated Bibliography Assignment Possible Topics - please note that these topics are just examples. You can modify them to suit your interests by adding additional terms or other topics e.g. instead of the history of baseball.

Annotated Bibliography The SIRC Bibliography offers annotations of publications related to simulation topics. These useful descriptions can help guide faculty who are looking for quality sources to investigate further. 2 pages/≈ words | 3 Sources | APA | Health, Medicine, Nursing | Annotated Bibliography | NURS Writing Assignment: Specialty in Clinical Nursing Description: Reflect on your specialty of interest and your practicum experience.

annotated bibliography nursing - Research Database - a dissertation help resource - Dissertations and Annotated Bibliography/Nursing Shortage & Foreign Recruitment.

Relevance to nursing and how this topic helps the DNP nurse are also discussed.

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Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Annotated bibliography nursing topics
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