Avon products case study

Perhaps a trial run of a low number of kiosks in the environment would settle this question. Avon should stick with their bread and butter — the sales representatives as it is the channel where they were recognized and where they became one of the largest beauty products in the world.

Beauty, Beauty Plus, and Beyond Beauty. By refocusing on the core competency, improving efficiencies, and adapting to the environment with new initiatives, Avon could overcome the hurdles of the past and turn the company in the new direction. She pushed for the addition of attractive new products to Avon and its sales representatives.

This strategy will allow for trained beauty consultants to offer advice, education and samples thus increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Another Avon objective that aims to alleviate pressures coming from competing sellers includes consists of reinventing their antiquated image.

Another factor for the underperformance of Avon in the late s is its failure to develop the online business. A failed diversification strategy made it the target of several takeover attempts.

Also, because the only sales in China are generated through retail outlets, Avon should further develop their Beauty Advisors training.

Avon Case Study

Jung had created a strategic plan that met the vision of Avon; she had created goals that were measurable and geared toward future company growth. Strategy provides opportunity for sales representatives to increase their income and greater career opportunities through sales leadership.

Reduce inventory level while improving service to representatives which increase the forecasting accuracy and order fill rate in supply chain management. One of the potential negative aspects for Avon partnering with JC Penny and Sears would be the possible lowering of brand name for Avon.

She knew products had to be made to fill the needs of different age group and races. Examples of this include the hair care product line. The strategies initiated by Charles Perrin had resulted in some improvement in with modest sales growth, but in late Avon was in need of bold direction.

Kiosks were admittedly a risk. Additionally, Avon did not have a hair coloring product line. There is still room to expand in this market. To examine the previous question of what cost will Avon endure deciding to move into the retail markets?Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date.

Publication Date: March 14, Avon Products announced both a change in its business focus and a reduction of its dividend in June. Avon Products Inc.

A strategic Management Case Study.

Avon Products Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Multiculturalism is the main challenge to the company as vital element in meeting customer demand and gaining competitive advantage.

Those issues had badly contributed to AVON corporate culture and created impact for company performance in the pass. Avon Products Case Solution,Avon Products Case Analysis, Avon Products Case Study Solution, Avon Products has announced a change in business focus and reduce its dividend in June To compensate for the possible impact of the share price of th.

CASE STUDY: AVON Cosmetics. ANDREA JUNG’S MAKEOVER OF AVON PRODUCTS INC On Andrea Jung‟s commencement as CEO in she faced a number of strategic problems at Avon. Avon Case study 1. INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 2 Goliath’1.

Surveys revealed that 95% of women who brought cosmetics at mall kiosks had never bought Avon products before and these women brought cosmetics only at retail stores since they could see and test the product before purchasing. ii. Secondly, the target consumers at the retail .

Avon products case study
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