Cake decorating

Originally introduced as a specialty service provided by bakeries, this technology can now be used by home consumers using the specialized paper, ink and printers. Early construction methods of cutting shapes out of cake and piecing them together to create a structure have been superseded by preformed character pans, and the shaping of cakes out of fondant and different forms of marzipan.

A bow made from gum paste Gum pastealso known as florist paste, is an edible, brittle material that dries quickly and can be sculpted to make cake decorations such as flowers or molded designs.

It dries very hard and preserves indefinitely if stored in a cool, dry place, but is susceptible to soften and wilt in high humidity. Marzipan is often used for modeling cake decorations and sometimes as a cover over cakes, although fondant is more preferred.

Edible ink printing is also used in decorating cakes. Cake decorating was rumored to be started by a French bakery in the s where a French baker wanted to increase the prices of the cakes and hence thought to decorate it.

Cake Decorating

Techniques[ edit ] Decorating a cake Cake decorating involves covering it with some form of icing and then using decorative sugar, candy, chocolate or icing decorations to embellish the cake.

The chocolate is formed into a variety of shapes and structures that cannot be easily accomplished with other softer edible materials such as buttercream frostingmarzipanor fondant.

Edible paper is made of starches and sugars and printed on with edible food colors. Royal icing is a sweet white icing made by whipping fresh egg whites or powdered egg whites, meringue powder with icing sugar. It is the process of creating preprinted images with edible food colors onto various confectionery products such as cookiescakesor pastries.

It can, however, be used on the traditional cake mix purchased in a store. Types of decorations[ edit ] Cake decorations are adornments or embellishments that are placed on top or around cakes.

Cake Wrecks is an entertainment photoblog featuring user-submitted images of "unintentionally silly, sad, creepy or inappropriate" cakes.

Once completely smooth and thin enough, cake decorators are able to mold fondant into many different artistic expressions. Many of these expressions are also taught in professional cake decorating classes. It must be rolled out with cornstarch to avoid sticking to any surface and to smooth it out.

Cake decorations can be made of edible material or food-safe plastics. A homemade fondant can be made quickly for very little cost, and tends to have a better flavor than the pre-made store bought version. The user presses the mat down into cake dough or icing and the pattern embossed in the mat is transferred to the item.

Pre-made fondant that is available in the cake decorating section in stores has little flavoring. An embossing mat is a tool for cake decoration [6] that creates embossed effects on the top of cakes, cupcakes, or similar items.

Modeling chocolate can be made from whitedarksemi-sweetor milk chocolate. A fondant rose edible cake decoration Fondantalso known as sugar paste or ready roll icing, exists in many different colors, and it is usually easy to handle once prepared properly.

Designs made with edible ink can be created with an edible printer, a specialty device which transfers an image onto a thin, edible paper. Two 18th century cakes modelled after Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst Cake decorating originated in 17th century Europe.

After breakthroughs in nontoxic inks and printing materials in the early s, [5] it became possible to print images and photographs onto edible sheets for use on cakes. Icing decorations can be made by either piping icing flowers and decorative borders or by molding sugar pastefondantor marzipan flowers and figures.

Using this new form of fondant artistry should be used on a heavy cake consistency. Fondant is primarily used to cover cakes, but it is also used to create individual show pieces for cakes.Learn cake decorating from expert instructors.

Master buttercream, fondant, modeling chocolate, and icing. Professional decorators and hobbyists welcome. Wilton Show 'N' Serve Cake Boards, Set of 6 Patterned Rectangle Cake Boards for 12 x Inch Cake s Product - Wilton Birthday Cake Peel and Place Sugar Sheets Decorating Kit, Product Image.

SinceCake Art has supplied cake decorating supplies, candy making supplies & baking supplies. Our store carries Wilton cake supplies & Merckens chocolate. Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make plain cakes more visually interesting.

Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things. Cake Decorating Classes. If you're full of frosting and fondant ideas, this is the place for you. Watch how-to videos and get ideas and tips for baking, frosting, and decorating beautiful cakes.

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Cake decorating
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