Essay and why i love america

America is a special country because of the people living in it. And take care of your health; improve your nutrition and watch your diet so that you can maintain a healthy, sharp mind.

What do you love about America? Maya Garza I am very proud to be an American!

One reason I like living in America is I feel safe because when I go outside I do not have to worry about getting hurt. Also, we have our freedom. Another reason why I love America is because it is important to me and I can go travel wherever I want to go.

He started when I was 5 years old. Good luck to you But a free man is never alone; the dictator is alone. We have a great police force that pertects me. Jacob Crowell is fighting in Afganistan and he has been a marine for 5 years.

Last summer I went to Yellowstone and I saw elk, swans, grizzly bears, and a black bear. They will cost you three times as much, but the software will be ten times as stable. One reason I like living in America is because you have the freedom to write and share your thoughts without anyone harming you.

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Rights we have here I feel are different from other places like Africa. The heart of the American people Nothing pulls together the strength of the American people better than a disaster-scale event.

A bar patron adopted an abandoned dog and named her "Katrina. Braxson Crum "For the land of the free and the home of the brave! One cannot but feel grateful to the young Americans who leave their families, some to lose their lives, in order to bring to Iraq the first rays of hope—without which no people can imagine the happiness of welcoming freedom.

As long as we can all do that, we will continue to have the best country in the world. Did we go wrong—and if so, where? Thank you very much. Some countries in the world still have slavery, and unjust treatment. Also, in America we have the freedom of speech. Noah Torres I love America for many reasons.

This is something we often take for granted. On this Independence Day, we should all take a moment to reflect on what our nation represents to us. This phrase gives us reference to the many cultures that make up America.

It is all free!Through all of the racism, wars, and even crime, still love the country that we call the home of the free and the land of the brave. America, when compared to Third World countries that are suffering from poverty and serious crime and wars that kill. The HyperTexts The America I Love by Elie Wiesel This page was compiled and edited by Michael R.

10 Reasons I Love America

Burch, an editor and publisher of Holocaust and Nakba can click here to read his essay: "What I learned from Elie Wiesel and other Jewish Holocaust Survivors, about achieving World is divine beauty in learning.

Mar 28,  · Why I love Henry from The Americans. Eric Liebowitz/FX. Her time in America changed her, but didn’t help her. She was executed, betrayed by both countries she betrayed. Almost everyone on. America is a special country because of the people living in it. The United States of America is a great country, and I am proud of it.

Return to. Essay on Why I Love Music One question that has jarred my mind for years is the first thing almost every adult told me when they first found out I was moving to China, “Wow! Colleges will love you because of that, you can just write all. I love America because of the freedom that we obtain.

We can do what we please without being criticized by our decisions. We have the chioce of being what we want to be and how we become that person. America gives us the opportunity not to hide from the things that we believe in. I love America for /5(2).

Essay and why i love america
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