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Athens had a defensive wall built around its city which made land attacks impractical and futile. Retrieved February 22,from Discovery Education: During this time the Athenian religious statute was destroyed by an anonymous figure but the charges were placed upon Alcibiades who demanded trial immediately so that he could defend himself.

Such as during the Sicilian expedition, it was mismanagement and lethargy which cost the Athens forces defeat. For instance, the slow with which the Spartans furnished their troops and ship. When the Persians had been defeated, the allies of Athens were reduced to subservient tribute paying states that were supposed to aid Essay on the peloponnesian war prosper even more.

The plague that attacked the Athenians during the Peloponnesian war was endemic in nature in that it primarily effected people residing on the African continent particularly Egypt, Libya Ethiopia and surrounding cities. After a short while the city of Athens started dominated and invading other city-states.

The Athenians had the stronger navy and the Spartans the stronger army. The Spartan army itself was unable to stay over long periods of time due to the harvesting of their own crops and the inability to leave the helots unsupervised in the home state.


The Peloponnesian War Essay

The Boeotians burned crops at Plataea,[footnoteRef: During the last phase of the war, the Spartans received reinforcement from the Persians who offered assistance in form of money and ship. The war was fought on both land and sea; the Spartans on land and the Athenians on sea.

You can order a custom essay on Peloponnesian War topic at our professional essay writing agency. Thus, the democratic system in Athens was abolished again. Poverty was greatly experienced in Peloponnesus due to the economic costs of the war across the entire Greece.

Peloponnesian War is the war between two Greece centers with the largest political associations — Athens Empire and Peloponnesian League, under the head of Sparta. Conclusion The strengths of the two states were clearly exhibited in this research paper but no amount of strength is affective if it does not keep training and does not keep advancing.

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Not unlike the interlocking defense treaties that kicked off World War I, Athens decided to invade Syracuse in defense of Leontini in the tenth year of the war.

Hanson, Realizing the tactical advantage Athens possessed due to its navy, Sparta contacted the Persians and took their aid in building its own navy. Each of the sides believed that it would over power the other and therefore force a surrender which was not the case Kallet, L, Sparta was established as the leading power in Greece whereas Athens which was the powerful state was lowered into subjection.

Since they did not succeed in their bid, they felt secretly grieved. But this success was weakened by the defeat of Athenians in a battle near the city Delil and the return actions of the Spartan war-lord when he succeeded to obtain falling off from Athens a row of their allies.

Additionally, the Athenians were better prepared financially than their enemies. The Athenians once inflicted with the plague developed all of the aforementioned symptoms as well as ulceration of the skin, redness and irritation of the eyes as well as memory loss.

Other events that fueled the war involved the Athens and the Corinth.Essay on The Peloponnesian War Words | 6 Pages. The Peloponnesian War pitted the Athenians against the Spartans. The Peloponnesians’ were an alliance of city-states controlled by Sparta.

These two powerful city-states became locked in a struggle for dominance of the eastern Mediterranean area. Thucydides an Athenian aristocrat and veteran of the Peloponnesian War documented the war from the beginning of the conflict in BC to its conclusion in BC. His on the scene reporting was the first of its kind and has been used by historians and political theorists for the last twenty four hundred years.

Essay title: The Peloponnesian War The Peloponnesian war was fought between the Athenians and the Spartans in the fifth century. The war was fought on both land and sea; the Spartans on land and the Athenians on sea/5(1). Peloponnesian war which is also known as Athenian war commenced in BC between the Athenians and the Spartans who were leading the Peloponnesian league at that time.

Many were the underlying factors behind this war which lasted up to BC. The Peloponnesian War Essay - In ancient Greek history, we are able to find and learn about many important wars that took place. Arguably, one of the most devastating and important wars in Greek history was the Peloponnesian War.

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Essay on the peloponnesian war
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