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Two opposed camps are facing each other about the future of Hong Kong. Chinese people are therefore seen with mistrust. Through the returning of the five legislators to the Legislative Council it was clear that their manifest for real political reform in Hong Kong and the abolition of functional constituencies was supported by the population of Hong Kong.

They mainly focused on a wholly directly elected Legislative Council, it was clear for them that they would not get access to the more powerful Executive Council in the near future.

Much of the urban areas are full of construction, dust is constantly in the air, very uncomfortable. At least within this time China is ready to compromises although not for giving up control.

Another advantage was the interest of the Chinese side in having a handover without a bigger scale of confusion in Hong Kong, but if necessary they would use their military force as the last option.

In was the possibility of universal suffrage of the chief executive and the Legislative Council rejected for The chief executive was criticized in and stepped down The Occupy Central saw themselves as a supporter of that movement.

This stopped mainly with the announcement of chief executive Leung who declared that Chinese mothers are not allowed anymore to give birth in Hong Kong. They affiliated to the week-long class boycott organised by Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism.

This led to stronger reactions of people, they are not ready anymore to accept these empty promises.

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People are poor; China has improved in recent years, but still much behind. Only with a membership or registration in a recognized social, economic, industrial, commercial, political advisory, professional body or sector it is possible to exercise the right of voting.

More than half a million people protested against the legislation of Article 23 in This given situation excludes the groups with the greatest majority public opinion support from the governing majority. Especially the parliamentary system and the associated universal suffrage is not implemented.

Many individuals of Hong Kong are anxious of social and economic decline and that China might try to influence their politics and economy even further.

The Sino- British negotiations about the conditions and necessities for the handover were agreed on from the Chinese and the British side with the exclusion of Hong Kong representative in the Joint Declaration of Wanglai, It is hard to combine a way to democracy two systems from the side of the Hong Kong people with the wish of control from the Chinese side one country.

The economic integration between China and Hong Kong is growing through the economic dependency of Hong Kong on China. Their children had the right to abode and to the social welfare system.

This will negatively affect the reputation of Hong Kong as an international financial city. The British goal at the beginning was to exchange sovereignty of Hong Kong against continued British administration of the entire Colony.

From the beginning the British seems to be on the weaker side. Another example shows the increasing interest of China to tighten the relationship of Chinese and Hong Kong peoples. Additionally, it is seen as a criminal act to hear such a speech and not to report it.

The civil service is one other important governing institution in Hong Kong. On 29th September the police was withdrawn and the regions were occupied by protesters with the consequences of massive traffic disruptions. Many developments since are seen as a negative by many people, such as the inflow of tourist from China, e.

This opened the possibility of Chinese mothers to give birth in Hong Kong. Especially to the last point had the Chinese government a clearer concept: As seen on the discussion of universal suffrage it is the tactic of China to delay and weaken the own promises as much as possible through added conditions e.

Improving the staff support to the members of the Legislative Council. They argue that this puts higher costs on the social welfare and medical system. Functional constituencies is used for electing half of the Legislative Council member. The Hong Kong population on the other hand was clearly for a democratic process.

For decreasing the influence of China it would be a step forward to increase the power of the Legislative Council.

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Therefore China tries primarily to be in control over the Executive Council and especially the chief executive. This completely different views are influencing not only the politics but the economy and the relationship between the people of Hong Kong and China.

Pregnant women have to be authorized by the government; they then receive birth coupons allowing them to have a child. Especially, since the handover of Hong Kong, as a former British colony, back to China Scott, For the election of the Chief Executive election, the Election Committee with its members are nominating the candidates for the chief executive.

Chinas government appointed its own Legislative Council, made it clear whom they wanted to serve as chief executive and the electoral system has to favour conservative and pro- Chinese government people.A political system is an aspect of the social system, and political activity and study is a special category of social activity and study.

The boundary of politics is often not clear, so that, for example, actions of trades union leaders may sometimes be induded in politics and sometimes not. This system means that in only one China the regions could keep their own economic and political system while China keeps its own different more socialist system.

It would be possible for the region to deal with its own legal, economic and financial affairs including external relations with. Indian system of kingly power was not so much like a pyramid, but like a multi-tiered cake. It was flatter and while there was a top and a bottom plus layers in between, the India and China: An Essay in Comparative Political Economy by Meghnad Desai -- Prepared for an IMF Conference on India and China, in New Delhi, November Political System of China Fundamental principles of Constitution The People's Republic of China is a socialist country led by the working class, based on the worker-peasant alliance and practicing people's democratic centralism.

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In brief. The president, Xi Jinping, has aggressively accumulated power and succeeded in removing the term limit for his office. However, his centralisation of authority creates the risk of policy missteps and leaves him exposed if the economy underperforms.

Global Political Economy Essay STUDENT GUIDELINE NOTES GLOBAL POLITICAL ECONOMY MODULE Paste the notes here Political economy originally was the term for studying production, buying and selling, and their relations with law, custom, and government.

Essays on chinas political system
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