How to write a glossary ks2 technologies

An Aztec book is called a codex. Prompt Reports Allow teachers to monitor how students are performing on specific prompts and how the prompts are being utilized in the class. The Aztecs used two calendars. Medicine The Aztecs believed that illness could come from natural causes as well as supernatural causes the gods.

The chinampa farms were often called floating gardens as they appeared to float on top of the lake. The other calendar was used to track time. The 6-trait, 6-point rubric used in past years is essentially the same as the new one, with similar descriptors and language.

Progress Reports Allows teachers to monitor class progress by month and across three years. They also had some writing and technology of their own. Irrelevant Information One must decide what to do with the information in the text that is not coded.

The report lists the number of student essays, drafts, and submissions. Level of Generalization A researcher must decide whether concepts are to be coded exactly as they appear, or if they can be recorded in some altered or collapsed form.

Their tools were made from bone, stone, and obsidian. According to Carley, concepts is generally sufficient when coding for a specific topic, but this number of course varies on a case by case basis.

Internal Validity 1 The rigor with which the study was conducted e. Aztec Writing The Aztecs wrote using symbols called glyphs or pictographs. Teachers can recommend a specific prompt to a student or group of students. The chinampas worked well for crops because the soil was fertile and the crops had plenty of water to grow.

A matched pairs T-test can be used to determine if the scores of the same participants in a study differ under different conditions. They thought that by sweating, the poisons making the person sick would leave their body.

Or, by generalizing their meaning, i. Students can work on more than one essay at a time and save essay drafts without submitting them for scoring. The Aztecs were afraid that the world would end on this day. Provides an overall essay score as well as scores for individual writing traits.

Factor Analysis A statistical test that explores relationships among data. It was sacred to the Aztecs and was very important as it divided time equally among the various gods and kept the universe in balance. Larger tendencies may then be interpreted, indicating behavior trends rather than simply responses to specific questions.

The calendar had days. In a carefully constructed survey, for example, factor analysis can yield information on patterns of responses, not simply data on a single response. Individual student performance reports show trait and total score averages. A form of ethnography that studies activities of group members to see how they make sense of their surroundings Existence or Frequency This is a key question in the coding process.Aztec Empire Writing and Technology stone, and obsidian.

They also did not use beasts of burden or the wheel. However, despite their lack of these basic technologies, the Aztecs had a fairly developed society.

didn't have an alphabet, but used pictures to represent events, items, or sounds.

Pathways to Writing

Only the priests knew how to read and write. Video: What is a Glossary? - Definition & Examples - Definition & Examples You've probably used several of them in your lifetime, but you may still have trouble saying exactly what a glossary is.

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Sign In. MY PAGE. WRITING. TEACHING. COMMUNITY Glossary of Key Terms. This glossary provides definitions of many of the terms used in the guides to conducting qualitative and quantitative. Glossary Lesson Plan. Chapter 2 / Lesson Work with students to define glossary and write on your anchor chart.

Mechanic and Repair Technologies; Medical and Health Professions. Pathways to Writing with WPP is an online writing program that provides a platform for students to practice and improve their writing skills. Once students submit their essays, they receive immediate feedback with an enhanced analysis of their writing that helps inform the revision process.


ABB glossary 3 ABB glossary of technical terms Although power and automation technologies impact our lives on a daily basis, many of the terms used.

How to write a glossary ks2 technologies
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