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There have been essentially two hardware approaches relevant to the present invention taken in the prior art to implement the 32 bit processing used by servo control systems for the state estimator method. The servo sync 14 is used to provide timing to gate the servo bursts and for demodulating the digital data including the Gray code, and is in the preferred embodiment K c ltd iccp instruction manual pattern In steps andthe code generator emits statements to the assembly language program The method of claim 2 in which said selected code block comprises a plurality of elemental vector instructions designating particular operations to perform using elements of a plurality of arrays, wherein said step b comprises the steps of: Note that since the scheduler is not responsible for minimizing the effects of pipeline delay, the scheduler can satisfactorily meet the requirement of maximizing the use of functional units.

Also, subgrid 2 is distributed to PE 2. The minimized hardware complexity of the single analog channel 52 and the single ND converter 54 may be used by the circuit designer to reduce the circuit size for smaller form factor disk drives.

This reallocation of bits minimizes the K c ltd iccp instruction manual uncertainty as the difference in the position between the current position of the data head and the target track of the data head decreases. One advantage that PID control has held over the state estimator method is that it may be implemented using a relative data head position description and hence, 16 bit processing as described above.

With regard to minimizing the effects of pipeline delays, the scheduler might modify the assembly language code shown in Code Example 2 to the assembly language code shown in Code Example 3. The formats for the bit allocation of the relative position of the data head, xmeas kfor each of the three servo control system operating modes are given as follows, wherein T corresponds to a bit allocated to track number description, P indicates a bit allocated to the PES and S indicates a sign bit: If this occurs, the ADD instruction at line 4 will not produce correct results.

These estimates provide for much better servo system control than the measured position, the derivative of the measured position and the integral of the measured position provided by PID control. These are sequencer registers used to hold the addresses of locations in the memory The low level code may be received by an assembler not shown in FIG.

Therefore, during any given time, only one functional unit is working. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to implement a servo control system for controlling a data head in a disk file system with a state estimator method which is able to employ relatively low cost 16 bit processors in lieu of more expensive 32 bit processors by making use of a multi-modal servo system which predicts the relative data head position, the data head velocity and the data head bias.

Control systems are needed for cost, riskquality, communication, time, change, procurement, and human resources. By following step-by-step instructions, student learn to program successfully and immediately-- even if they have no prior experience.

Data Parallel Computer As noted above, the present invention is directed to a software compiler having a code generator and a scheduler. The value of Kp is a matter of design choice, based on the resolution of the predicted relative position, predicted velocity and predicted bias of the data head provided in different servo control system operating modes.

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The second processor is an 8 bit microcontroller which is used for interfacing the DSP to the disk drive and also interfacing the disk drive to the host system. Referring to Code Example 12, the instruction at line 2 loads the value at memory location B into vector register V1.

The operation of the instructions at lines of Code Example 12 is analogous to the operation of the instructions at lines It is determined whether the predicted relative data head position corresponds to the selected number of tracks, if not, at least the predicted relative data head position is rescaled to form the predicted relative data head position to correspond to the selected number of tracks of the predicted data head position prior to rescaling.

All prior art disk drive servo control systems account for the dynamics of the disk drive either by mathematical modeling of the disk drive or by some method of lumped parameter control.

The middle end uses well known algorithms to perform the data strip mining function. With PID control, the servo control system determines the control signal for supplying current to the VCM based upon the summation of signals derived from the position of the data head, the derivative of the position of the data head, and the integral of the position of the data head.

A project manager is often a client representative and has to determine and implement the exact needs of the client, based on knowledge of the firm they are representing. In track seeking, this means that the radial velocity of the data head is not optimized to avoid overshoot, resulting in a seeking performance which is poor by the current standards in the art.

In this servo pattern, the servo bursts are recorded in spatial quadrature with one another. For example, suppose the target computer hardware is a computer having multiple pipelined functional units.

Accordingly, a boundary other than 64 tracks-to-go could also be used, as desired. The instructions at lines of Code Example 12 correspond to the vector multiply instruction at line 5 in Code Example The integral control is generated by multiplying the integrated relative data head position by a fixed gain, and the integral control is used to increase a low frequency gain which corrects for the error of the position of the data head when it is track following.

Note, however, that the pseudo assembly language code generated by the code generator in Code Example 2 has instructions being executed sequentially. However, the present invention may operate with vector instructions where X does not equal 4. A register allocator assigns real registers to the virtual registers in the assembly language program The VCM driver in the spindle and VCM driver module 44 is a transconductance amplifier well known to those of ordinary skill in the art.

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A skill-based approach towards hybrid assembly In contrast to existing either fully automated or purely manual production sites, the goal inside the hybrid assembly cell is to allow a collaborative joint-action in a workspace shared by an industrial robot and a human worker.

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K c ltd iccp instruction manual
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