The name jar writing activity for kids

Kids Summer Activities Jar

Some might require some help from mom or dad, but some can be accomplished all on their own. I write down six "appreciations" on the board, listed in numerical order. Share a story about your first or last name.

This is by no means necessary, but I like pretty things if you know what I mean. Then, I roll a die, and for the number that comes up I write that corresponding "appreciation" from the board down on a heart cut-out or I have a student write it for me - depending on the grade level.

I do this with a few hearts each day and place them in the class "Jar of Hearts. After my students printed their name document, they cut out their names and arranged them as a border for their writing. The teacher can always partner up with the student to help the student stay focused and be productive.

I remember playing and playing and just playing a lot, but then boredom would set in. At the end of each day I have students share out things for which they are appreciative or you can do the things they love. Just print out the paper onto regular computer paper and trim the margins.

Let students know that they will have an opportunity to take this assignment home and add to it in case they want to ask their parents more about their name.

The Name Jar book activity

Send them on their merry way and enjoy a moment to yourself. She is not a Daisy, Madison, Amanda, or Laura.

The Name Jar

The teacher provides some ideas, but it is open for the students to choose what is of interest to them. As the story unfolds, Unhei learns the significance of her name from her mother and the friendly Korean grocer in her neighborhood.

Students cut out their hearts and glue them onto a jar. How can you remember your peers names? I would not make them re-write on the pre-write paper since they already did the work.

First published inthis classic book discusses the most important things about an apple, snow, a shoe, a spoon, grass, etc.To help ease the frustration, create a kids summer activities jar instead of getting upset.

I’ve made it super simple for you.

What's in a Name?

send the kids to the jar to pick out an activity. Send them on their merry way and enjoy a moment to yourself. At times I am given product to review and/or post about, or compensated for writing posts in.

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My Jar of Hearts Writing Activity

These math, science, and literacy printables cover a variety of skills and levels of ability. Super Fun Name Search Activity and Free Printable. CVC Word Family Game: Roll and Race. Math Printables – Numbers Bug Jar Counting Game for Kids.

Mitten Math Activity for Winter. Next, spilt up the lolly sticks into piles (around per jar is plenty), then brainstorm ideas of the simple things you love to do with the kids in each category. It’s really important to have their input here as you want them to use these activity jars as an independent play prompt, so they must be engaged in the process if possible!

Find name jar lesson plans and teaching resources.

What's in a Name? A Back-to-School Literacy Unit

From the name jar worksheets to name jar story videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources. Name Jar Lesson Plans & Worksheets Reviewed by Teachers. The week of Valentine's Day we start our My Jar of Hearts writing activity.

To begin the lesson, I pull out all of the hearts from the class appreciate jar (or love jar) and read them aloud again to. Name activity - writing your name on a sensory squishy bag Más Find this Pin and more on Name Activities and Crafts by Learning 4 Kids.

Pre-Writing Activities with Squishy Bags is a great way to target writing skills without using paper and pencils.

The name jar writing activity for kids
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