Uni mannheim master thesis format

Within every module students need to take a number of courses. If several topic areas are relevant for you, either contact all relevant persons in one email simultaneously using the CC function or write the contact person indicated below. At all times, there is zero tolerance for unethical conduct, plagiarism and fraud.

In "Cross-Sectional Data Analysis", processes for cross-sectional regression analysis linear and categorical are covered at an advanced level.

IT Service Management IT service management ITSM is concerned with the implementation of quality IT services that meet the needs of customers, and is performed by the IT service provider through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.

There exist many different techniques of capturing medical image material. During the exercise course, Exemplary Empirical Studies, explanation approaches are evaluated using exemplary new publications; and formal and stylistic standards for academic texts are taught.

Your proposal has to develop the research question, theoretical foundation, expected contribution and outcomes, and research method of your master thesis. During your master thesis you are expected to take part in the master colloquium OPM Knowledge in an object-oriented programming language is a plus.

Procedure Taking up the issues of the chairs fields of research, all theses are assigned by the assistants of the chair. Further, seminars from other areas of the Business faculty or Business Informatics faculty can be accepted on request.

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The templates support German and English language and should provide a good starting point for any kind of thesis that is to be written at this Chair.

Note that it is available in German only. In cooperation with the RUM — the main provider of IT services for the University of Mannheim — we offer different topics for master theses that are concerned with the improvement of service provision. Our global team of e-commerce experts is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that create a great online shopping experience.

The goal of this thesis is to improve upon the traditional 2D slice visualization of the 3D models created by medical imaging. Please refer to the M. Generic Thesis Information Leaflet This document contains general information uni mannheim master thesis format the format of thesis.

Students may attend a summer school program or work as a student assistant as a substitute for the internship requirement.

It allows medical professionals to look at organs, tissue or bones for diagnosis. Christian Bartelt bartelt at es. It should be made possible to navigate the medical image data in 3D in a more intuitive way than by simply looking at 2D slices.

Regardless of this, the decision about the coaching of a proposed topic lies at the Chair alone. Prerequisites and application In order to do your master thesis at the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management you have to fulfill the following prerequisites: As soon as your thesis is registered, you will receive invitations for the colloquium via email.

This helps to reduce overhead. Please refer to the Guidelines for the Implementation of Turnitin concerning any questions regarding our procedure of the verification of plagiarism.

Our school is deeply committed to mentoring students as they take this important step toward a successful academic career. Any main text page excluding appendixes above the page limit will not be read or graded!

Once registered, the title of your thesis cannot be changed anymore. Decision Theory has been developed as a formal framework for supporting such decision by quantifying uncertainty and risks and providing methods for computing expected benefits of decisions.

The student will work closely together with project teams in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the global headquarters in Bonn. We are further interested in case studies on supporting business and also personal processes using process data and models.

Candidates will typically investigate the state of the art in logical and probabilistic methods for decision theory, implement or adapt an existing method and apply it to a given decision problem.You need to hand in two bound copies of your thesis.

Furthermore, you need to hand in a “data-CD” containing all the data you worked with (see the document “How to Write a Thesis”). This CD also has to contain a copy of your thesis in Microsoft Word-format and in pdf-format.

Students who consider to apply for a master’s thesis at a later stage: We plan to repeat the application process before the start of each semester.

Contact: Julian Gabler, gabler(at)mi-centre.com In addition to the information provided on this website, all regulations on master's theses of the Mannheim Master in Management apply. Attend our lectures to find out about relevant topics for a master thesis; Ask the people in the group about their research and possible topics; Search and find concrete topics on our webpage (regularly updated) mi-centre.com) or Dr.

Christian Bartelt (bartelt(at)mi-centre.com) for further Information. Decision Support. Universität Mannheim / Sowi / Home / english / Sociology / M.A.

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in Sociology / Degree Program. Curriculum. The Master's degree program is organized in modules. Within every module students need to take a number of courses.

The expected format of the thesis is a research article suitable for submission to a professional journal in the. In order to do your master thesis at the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management you have to fulfill the following prerequisites: At least one module OPM 6XX and a Master’s seminar at the Area Operations Management or.

Prerequisite for writing a master thesis at the Chair of Information Systems 2 for both, MMM and Business Informatics, is a seminar in the area IS. It is recommended to do the seminar at the Chair of Information Systems 2. Nevertheless, any one of the seminar modules ISIS .

Uni mannheim master thesis format
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