Why the us should have dropped

A third reason against using the atomic bombs was that it did not allow the Soviets time to enter the war against Japan.

No Other Choice: Why Truman Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan

Two days later, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan. Furthermore, the attack was a way to prevent extensive loss of lives. America had the bomb. After the dropping of the second bomb on Nagasaki on August 9Emperor Hirohito announced the surrender of Japan within a week of this second attack.

Not to mention the 1. Many more died later as a result of burns and radiation-induced sickness. Herbert Feis Papers, BoxN. On August 9, a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, where 80, Japanese people perished.

Decision Hiroshima-Nagasaki Find short, descriptive links to many of the important documents surrounding the decision to use the atomic bomb on Japan here. Therefore, due to the Japanese government and military refusing surrender on peaceful terms, the USA was justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.

It was predicted that the invasion of the Japanese mainland at the Island of Kyushu, scheduled for November ofwould be even worse.

Why the Us Should Have Dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan Essay

Why the us should have dropped American spies had cracked Japanese codes, the US Government were now aware that the emperor had given his support to the idea of using the neutral Soviet Union as a pathway between peace negotiations with the Allies.

Thousands attend the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony annually. As outlined previously, the alternative was to invade Japan, causing massive losses of lives on both sides. But would even one more Allied death have been worth not dropping the bomb, in the minds of the president and his advisors, after six years of the worst fighting in the history of the human race?

51g. The Decision to Drop the Bomb

American soldiers and civilians were weary from four years of war, yet the Japanese military was refusing to give up their fight. At the time, there was massive speculation surrounding the attack. Alperovitz, GAtomic Diplomacy: More Essay Examples on Hiroshima Rubric Despite this opportunity, the Japanese chose to ignore the warning, thus, the US decided to administer the use of their newly developed nuclear weapons and drop the atomic bombs on Japan with both hope and belief that the Japanese would be forced to surrender and thus, ending the war on American terms.

Truman saw little difference between atomic bombing Hiroshima and fire bombing Dresden or Tokyo. Here, I will candidly admit that I am not objective about this question. Other historians have said that the US dropped them simply to show their might and assert their authority.

After careful assessment, only one of these options seemed ideal. Surrender was out of the question. Therefore, despite the attack affecting civilians, the main target was purely military, thus, the USA was justified in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan.

Their combat capacity had been decimated by years of fighting and a series of major military defeats. The US was in pole position to dominate the post-war world with or without the atomic bomb. What should Truman have done? The President rejected a demonstration of the atomic bomb to the Japanese leadership.

The Soviet Union had entered the war against Japan, and the atomic bomb could be read as a strong message for the Soviets to tread lightly. Instantly, 70, Japanese citizens were vaporized. In comparison, the atomic bombs killed betweendepending on the source.

This is one of those arguments that assumes modern-day omniscience on the part of historical figures.The United States and President Truman should have weighed their opting a little bit more before deciding to drop both atomic bombs on the Islands of Nagasaki and Hiroshima Show More The Benefits of Dropping an Atomic Bomb on Japan Essay.

It’s clear the US should not have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By Geoffrey Shepherd August 6, Professor of Economics. the US could have dropped an A-bomb in or near Tokyo Bay. Such a. Many people believe we should have waited longer before dropping the first atomic bomb and then dropping the second atomic bomb.

Finally, some. No Other Choice: Why Truman Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan "Truman and his advisers made the only decision they could have made; indeed, considered in the context of World War II, it wasn’t.

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Why the Us Should Have Dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan Should the USA have used the atomic bomb on Japan in ? - Why the Us Should Have Dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan introduction?? began as a year of increasing tensions between countries as the war extended onto its sixth year.

Feb 21,  · Why America Should Have Dropped The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima And Nagasaki. Would Like Help.? Hello, I'm doing a debate in my U.S. History Class tomorrow about whether or not America should have dropped the Atomic Bomb on Status: Resolved.

Why the us should have dropped
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